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Weightloss Wars

Why do diets fail?  Because most dieters are struggling alone and they have no one to help keep them on track and monitor their progress.  Some of us even have the challenge of french fry munching, ice cream eating, schedule hijacking partners to overcome.  We need an incentive to get on track and stay there.  Either a friend to walk along beside us, or someone to challenge us — or maybe even both.

We all want to be biggest loser, but none of us want to put in the effort all by ourselves. It is just too hard to diet and exercise alone. We need a little outside incentive to fire us up until we build our own intrinsic incentives.

There is a new online community ready and willing to help with that. makes it possible for people to build their own online weight loss communities and challenges. You can join a public competition, or start your own private competition. You can compete for tangible prizes, or the ultimate prize of good health.

Registration is free. Head on over to the website and check it out. Your find leader boards for the public competitions. You’ll know at a glance who is ahead and how long he or she has held the number one spot. You’ll also find great recipes, discussion boards, and gain access to graphs and charts that will help you track your weigh tloss progress. If you’ve been looking for a weight loss competition, you don’t have to look any further than Weight Loss Wars.


    1. Melli — registration is free, after that everything costs. No. I am not doing this one. I am not currently employeed and can’t afford the luxury.

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