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  1. Sounds lovely, better than the rushed start I had this morning to get out in the snow and get to work. Although I do need to make a coffee now I’m here.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. perfect photo for your wonderful prose!

    I’m sipping coffee and seeing the house they built on the former horse ranch across the street. Sigh…not the same.

    1. Polly — I so know how you feel. a for sale sign went up on the wooded lot next door. We are hoping it won’t sell.

  3. OOOoooo great picture of the trees. They are so tall. And you haiku this week is excellent. A very fitting turn.

    1. Kelley — I am, but Amoeba has a job and I toast and juice him every morning. I also make him a lunch and a thermos full of hot tea. Before anybody complains, I do not work. He does. Therefore, taking care of him IS my job — and I quite enjoy it.

  4. Actually, they’re firs, not pines – but then, somebody would probably think you’re a fir trader, and I don’t wish to have to plow past PETA people pickets. So, well done. 😛

    1. Amoeba — I know they’re Douglass Fir and you know they’re Douglas Fir, but for the sake of my haiku they are pine. Sometimes syllables make all the difference in the world.

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