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2010 April PAD Challenge

Guess what ladies and gentlemen, it is National Poetry Month!  Any of you who have been reading my blog for over a year know what that means!  Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer is hosting its third annual Poem-A-Day Challenge.  The idea is to write and share a brand new, original poem every day during National Poetry month.  A new prompt is provided daily.  One does not have to write to the prompt — unless of course they want their piece considered for inclusion in the anthology which will be created from the beat submissions.

So, prepare yourself for 30 new poems from yours truly starting later today.  Nessa, Melli and Thom, you were in this last year.  What say you this year?  Are you ready to roll?


  1. I was in it last year too — along with Dr. John … and I am NOT in it this year! I drove myself crazy! Did we EVER hear who the winners were from last year???

  2. I am not doing it this year either. April is going to be a very hectic month for me as it is. i do want to do some poetry studying though. I really do not understand what makes a good poem.

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