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Poetry Playing — April 18th & 19th

This first poem is one completed from half-formed ideas and notes I wrote in 2007 on my first visit to Friday Harbor. I had just spent 10 years in Las Vegas, the land of blowing dirt and gray concrete. I never finished the poem because it was missing something. Nessa’s Poetry Playing prompt helped me tie it all together.


Hello Friday Harbor
Evergreen trees
Sea Breeze
No more hot, dry wind.
Blue skies
Gull cries
No more angry, flashing sirens.
Soul’s rest
Pacific Northwest
Good-bye Las Vegas.


Poetry Playing: Day 18
prompt: hot, dry wind

For Amoeba

You take my hand
As we walk down the street,
Or reach to touch me
When we sit side-by-side,
And without words
You let me know
I am loved.


Poetry Playing: Day 19
prompt: romantic love

It’s National Poetry Month. Write a poem — or two!


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