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Party Update

I just popped into B&N to post a paid review and give you a quick update on my adventures.  I have been staying high atop Mt. Spokane at my sister, Jackie’s house, which is pretty much a net-free zone. They do get intermittent internet on their computer, but it is literally wired into their house and the big antenna on the roof.  No access for visitors, no way to connect wifi.

In just a few minutes I will leave here and go to my sister, Caryl’s.  Caryl lives in town and she does have internet access, but since I am joining her and my cousins there, we will probably be playing cards and talking and laughing and teasing each other rather than interneting.

Early in the morning I will load up my car and head for home.  I am planning to reach the ferry landing in the afternoon and get home around dinner time.  I should have an Avon order waiting for me to inventory and bag.  Wednesday I should be back to normal and around to see you all and catch up on your comings and goings, which I am certain have been every bit as exciting as mine.

Thank you for your patience and still visiting my blog when I haven’t been able to visit you.  “See” you all soon!


  1. I love visiting family but I think it’s official, I clearly have a little internet addiction going because I get a little antsy when I can’t get online.
    Hold on, Quilly, you can make it!

    Hope you’ve been having a great time and drive safe!

  2. I think one day if there will be on internet connection because something went wrong, it will be like being without the light, lol. I couldn’t see myself with out connection these days. Anna 🙂

  3. I am certain that MY comings and goings have been NOWHERE near as interesting as yours! I am so HAPPY for you to have had this time with your family though!!! I know it was a much needed time! Just sitting around playing cards and laughing… I LOVE that! That is the BEST!!!

  4. I’d miss the internet, but I think I would give it up to live high atop Mt. Spokane.

    SnakeMaster was very excited to show me his math homework today. Spokane, Washington, was named in a story problem!

    Hope you are having a wonderful time and wishing you safe travels.

  5. Visiting sisters sounds worth being internetless! I hope you’re having a wonderful time, and have a safe uneventful trip home again. Good luck with the Avon stuff and catching up! (I need to do the same)

  6. .
    Well Quilly, I am glad you are getting to visit those sisters. I don’t know how many you have but this is two down. Isn’t it nice to be close to them again? My sis lives 1200 miles away. She was here the week before last. I got to see her because I arranged for her husband to play golf with me and she rode along with the OM. [His sister calls him a GOF but I don’t say those words out loud or in print.]

    Sis was going to spend a couple of nights here but her very best friend back in Iowa died and she had to hurry back for the funeral. She was staying her daughter, my niece, who lives about 55 miles down the Interstate from us. And of course add the six miles off from I-45 they are and the 7.5 miles we are off.

    I hope no one was very naughty to you because you didn’t do the Fun Mon Pun thingy. Of course couldn’t because you were where there wasn’t any good Internet. You would Spokane would be blanketed with it. Oh well, New Castle doesn’t have coal any more either.

  7. Hi Q. ~

    I have a yearly membership to Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately, a discount is not applicable for gift cards, which I buy in bulk at Christmas. My family mostly lives in New York, except for my younger brother, Guy, who lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Dawn.

    ~ K.

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