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Get Your eBay Auction Alerts Now!

I am an eBay shopper.  I buy.  I sell.  Sometimes I simply browse.  I love eBay; however, auction shopping can be a pain when I have places to go and things to do.  If I am watching a half-dozen auctions and bidding on a couple, I have to keep a constant eye on the internet, and it just isn’t always convenient — especially during weeks like this one has been.

Luckily, Auction Alerts will make keeping tabs on my eBay interests a whole lot easier. Right now eBay Alerts are still in Beta, but you can try out auction alerts now.

All I have to do is tell Auction Alerts what it is I want to bid on — say camera accessories — so I would type in “200mm Nikon Camera lens” and I list the top price I am willing to pay.  Auction Alerts will search eBay for all auctions of my requested item that are below my price range and notify me of them — that means I can shop all the auctions on that item for weeks and choose the one or ones to bid on that best fit my pocketbook.

Okay, already I do that, but I spend the time doing the searches and the comparisons — now I can let Auction Alerts to do it for me.  Think of how much time and money that will save me.  I can tell you, I am doing a happy dance over eBay Auction Alerts.


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