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T-Shirts at Cafe Press

I bet most of you don’t even know that Amoeba and I have a Cafe Press store.  We haven’t done anything with it in ages.  Doug knows we have the store because he purchased some mugs there.  Ask him how he liked them.  I was thinking about starting the store up again and have been looking around for ideas. Funny t-shirts seems to be a big hit.

I wonder if the Punny Monday t-shirts would sell? Would you buy one? As far as I can tell, Twilight Eclipse t-shirts are what’s hot right now. Can an ordinary person compete with mega hits like the Twilight movies?

Cafe Press puts out excellent quality products.  Maybe Punny Monday mugs would be better than Punny Monday t-shirts.  What do you all think?  Is this something you would be interested in?  Have you ever purchased from Cafe Press and if so, what did you think of the experience?


  1. T-Shirts sound like fun, but I think you’d have to have different colours. Mugs sound good,

    I’ve never used Cafe-Press so can’t have any input on this.

    Glad you are home safe, and had a good time with your Family.

  2. Well… I can safely say that I have not (nor would I) bought anything Twilight. Not even a t-shirt. I would think though that only your Punny Monday participants MIGHT buy a PM t-shirt… because really… who else would make the connection? I COULD be wrong though… I have really wondered HOW successful those Cafe Press and Etsy shops are. I HAVE purchased a few things through them – but overall my on-line shopping mostly goes to the giants. Amazon, Overstock, Best Buy… just my thoughts…

    1. Melli — Amoeba bought me a Twilight book when they first came out. Meyers is a lousy writer. Her story might be good but I couldn’t get past the fifth grade prose.

  3. Funny shirts are always the hit.
    Before putting too much work into CP, you might want to check out Zazzle too though. The shops there are free and unlimited space.
    I found them much easier to use than CP.
    I gave up on them, since I couldn’t handle the way they worked. They just don’t make sense to me.
    Other artsy friends make good money there though.

    1. Nicole — thanks. I will check out Zazzle. I have had CP for quite some time and only made the one sale to Doug. He is happy with his product, and I think they provide great quality, but no one is interested in little ol’ unknown me.

      1. Well, you gotta promote your things, use lots of useful tags and such.
        I haven’t sold a single thing on CP, but I barely have anything on there.
        That’s another thing: The more products you have, the more likely it is your shop will be found and you sell something.
        Good thing with those shops is: You put your stuff up and don’t have to worry about anything after 😉

    1. Gigi — so, what is your beef with PayPal? I have been using them for 6 years now both to receive money (that’s how the ads I write pay me) and to pay for items. I even have a PayPal debit card so I can use my account out and about wherever I please.

      1. Q, I had a very bad experience when I tried to buy a friends e-book on Pay Pal. They charged me twice for it. I had to write to my friend and she had to contact her editor who contacted Pay Pal. Never again!

  4. My husband keeps insisting we are broke. Between his retirement dreams and MusicMan’s incident over the weekend, he’s probably right.

  5. I’ve had cafepress for ages 🙂 (There’s a link on the side of my blog), I love it, but it is hard to sell stuff sometimes and I haven’t sold very much. Of course, I don’t advertise it too often either haha.

  6. PS I’ve never purchased from Cafepress, but the customers I’ve had have sent me messages saying it was well worth it and they loved the items and packaging.

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