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Capitol Protection Group

Stop the phone calls! Whoever had this phone number before it became ours is in serious need of the Capital Protection Group. CPG is an attorney designed program that helps resolve debit issues. A free ten minute consultation could start the fellow on his way to solvency. Capital Protection Group could stop the creditor calls, fight the charges, work to help him eliminate the debits and clean up his credit record.

CPG is the only debit elimination group in practice that guarantees no more creditor calls.  I wish I could sign up the fellow who used to have our phone number so his creditors would stop calling.  They all act like I’m hiding the guy or protecting him.  One company in particular is extremely obnoxious.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve informed them of the number switch and asked them to stop calling, but it has been at least 2-3 per week since we moved into the house.


  1. I had that happen to me once. When I explained the problem to the phone company, they allowed me to change my number free of charge. (Apparently with them everyone gets one free change.) Luckily there was a number available that was only one digit different than the previous number. And the problem went away. There’s nothing like the sound of silence.

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