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The Perfect Studio Apartment

Tis the season when kids are going to start moving out of the house.  For some parents this will be very traumatic.  Others look forward to sharing all of the excitement of moving their son or daughter into their first apartment.  I guess it depends on whether one looks at the move as losing a child, or gaining a remote extension of home.

No matter what, every parent is going to want his/her child’s apartment to be in a safe, secure neighborhood and building. can help you search smart for your child’s first apartment.  The website will assist you in finding likely apartment rentals, provide photos of the buildings, some interior shots, rental rates, contact information and, in many instances, some info about the surrounding neighborhood.

Studio Rent is much more manageable then rent on a full-sized apartment. Plus, with a studio there are no roommate hassles and no distractions from sleeping and studying. Better yet, there are no fights over the bathroom! That was one of the major hassles of my roommate years.

If you are looking for a studio apartment for a student, handicapped person or senior citizen, you may be eligible for rental assistance. When I was in college I earned a grant that was specifically to be applied to my rent. It was a financial boon that helped tremendously when I student taught.

If you’ve got a kid heading off to college or trade school, check out You might find the cost of studio living comparable to dormitory living. If the price is close to equal, you have to know that the few dollars extra spent on the apartment could make a huge difference in your child’s grades. The freshman dorm is just one big party.


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