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Wix, Builder-Friendly Flash Websites

I’ve just found and discovered that I can build a flash website all by myself in less time than it would take for me to explain to a pro what it is I want.   The Wix flash website builder is a dream to use. Wix utilizes a super easy drag and drop interface that will literally enable me to put up a dazzling flash website in a matter of minutes.

I am thinking that a flash website is the absolute best way to show off my photography. I have tried a couple of platforms from other blogging providers, but they look amateurish. looks professional all-the-way. If I didn’t tell them, nobody would ever know I built the website site all by myself.

I could create an assortment of slide shows from my photographs and assign each category it’s own page. All my flower macros would be together. All of my avian shots could be on a separate page. My seascapes could have their own page as could my scenic landscapes.

And, with, if my sit4e catches on I can easily take it pro. All I would have to do is purchase my own url and convert my Wix account from free to hosted, paying on either a month-to-month or year-to-year basis. With a hosted account I could set up an eCommerce store (also with drag and drop components) and my photography could pay for the hosting fees and put a little cash in my pocket.

I think my flower macros stand the best chance of actually making me any money, so I would put them right up front. If you have a talent or product that would feature best in flash, you’ll want to check out Wix, too. At Wix, website creation is as easy as clicking your mouse.


  1. I wonder if it would be a solution for Pennie for the web page of St Marks?. She is having so much trouble getting what she has created on the web site.

  2. I’m going to be working on the website for the church I’ll be serving over the summer, so I’ll have to check this out. It could come in real handy.

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