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Load’em Up & Move’em Out

Moving is a chore. Let ABF U-Pack Moving do most of the work. With ABF U-Pack Moving you can decide how much or how little you want the movers to do. You want to do the packing and loading and just pay them to drive? U-Pack is up for that. They’re also ready, willing and able to supply you with packing and loading help. All you have to do is say so.

ABF U-Pack Moving offers free moving quotes and invites you to compare them to the competition.  You know they have to be certain they’re providing the best quality available to make an offer like that.

Here are some ABF U-Pack Moving promises:

  • You get your belongings faster. ABF can move you virtually anywhere in the U.S. within 2-5 business days – even faster on shorter distance moves.
  • Your items travel safely. U-Pack never unloads or co-mingles your belongings with another customer’s move.
  • You pay less. With U-Pack there are no surcharges or other hidden fees. All fuel charges and taxes are included in every U-Pack quote.

That second promise is a biggie. Many moving companies lump the belongings of several different customers together and then just hope things don’t get mixed up and lost. U-Pack keeps everything separate so they don’t have to hope your stuff is all in one place. They know it is.

Pay close attention to that “no hidden fees” promise, too.  Many companies will ask you to sign before they will quote you the final price.  In fact, there are several companies that won’t quote you a final price until after they have possession of your property!  Get all the pricing info upfront, or don’t sign up for the service.


  1. When I saw the words, “You get your belongings faster” my brain took in “You get back to blogging faster.” Bwahahahaha, my brain clearly knows what is important here!

    1. Karen — priorities, indeed! I actually thought of your move while writing this post. My friend Betty used this service when she moved from Vegas to Tulsa and she thought they did an excellent job. She did the packing and they picked up the container and moved it. She said they kept her up dated all along the way as her belongings traveled and were on schedule beginning to end.

  2. #2 IS a biggie – and one of my big worries in this move. Every box I’ve packed has my new address and phone number in it, just in case, but of course that all depends on who gets it — are they honest enough to return it, and will they bother contacting me when it’s just easier to chuck something out?

    Thanks for the link!

    1. Susan — yes. I lost a box in my move from Vegas to Hawaii. It was a box of original oil paintings, of course. In my move from Hawaii to here everything we packed came with us.

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