$ave on Moving Companie$

I know that several of you are moving in the near future. Since we just finished that major chore, I thought I would offer some time and money saving suggestions. First and foremost, if you have items you’ve not used in the last year, it makes more sense to sell them than to move them. Second off, unless it has sentimental value, don’t move anything that is cheaper to replace.

Third, make certain you have reliable movers! This is critical. I spent a lot of time doing research on different moving companies. I collected quotes, read reviews and investigated each company online.  Now that we’ve finished our move there’s actually a one-stop website that can help sort through all the slush!  Where was it when I needed it?!
When I moved from Vegas to Hawaii, and when I moved from Hawaii to here, I had a few simple rules that helped me cut down on clutter. (Read “it” as whatever item was in question.)

  1. If I hadn’t used it in months, I sold it or gave it away.
  2. If it held sentimental value, I kept it.  Period.
  3. The cheap stuff got left behind.
  4. And, the big question I asked of every single item, “How will my life be impacted if I don’t have this item?”  It is amazing how much crap I had that was totally “live without-able”.

Oh, and one more bit of urgent moving advice, when you get where you’re going and you get everything unpacked, unless you are looking forward to moving again, do not toss the boxes out.  Break a few down and keep them as talismans against a future move, then give the rest away!  As soon as you “waste” them, you’ll need boxes again, so use them very, very wisely as a hedge against future moves.

Need Help?

Hire a helper!

  • Need help moving?  Hire a helper!
  • Need help with your spring cleaning? Hire a Helper!
  • Need help with your yard work? Hire a Helper!
  • Need a handyman? Hire a Helper!

If you’ve got a day job that needs done and no one to do it, check out HireAHelper.com.  Sure, you could call that ad in the paper, but HireAHelper.com provides customer reviews and the paper doesn’t.   HireAHelper.com also offers licensed contractors.  Military personal, be certain to identify yourselves when calling HireAHelper.com.  You are eligible for military discounts.

Whether you’re moving from Kalamazoo or Timbuktu, checkout HireAHelper to see if they can meet your labor needs at a lower rate than that National moving company. Chances are they can.  Just plug in your zip code to find out what local movers cost in your own home town.

  • Houston Movers are available for $93.50 for the first two hours.
  • New York movers cost 140.92 for the first two hours.
  • Seattle movers cost 103.78 for the first two hours.

HireAHelper can also put you in touch with a local cleaning service.  You need all your exterior windows washed and aren’t up to climbing the ladders?  Need your gutters cleaned, your lawn thatched, the steps mended on your back porch?  HireAHelper can put you in touch with someone that has the skills you need.

I wish I had known about HireAHelper those 6 weeks I sat in Vegas with my foot elevated in wrapped in frozen peas.  I could have used some housekeeping and laundry help.  I could have used some grocery shopping help, too.  I lived on take-out and believe me it was getting tiresome by the time I could finally put weight on my foot.

Load’em Up & Move’em Out

Moving is a chore. Let ABF U-Pack Moving do most of the work. With ABF U-Pack Moving you can decide how much or how little you want the movers to do. You want to do the packing and loading and just pay them to drive? U-Pack is up for that. They’re also ready, willing and able to supply you with packing and loading help. All you have to do is say so.

ABF U-Pack Moving offers free moving quotes and invites you to compare them to the competition.  You know they have to be certain they’re providing the best quality available to make an offer like that.

Here are some ABF U-Pack Moving promises:

  • You get your belongings faster. ABF can move you virtually anywhere in the U.S. within 2-5 business days – even faster on shorter distance moves.
  • Your items travel safely. U-Pack never unloads or co-mingles your belongings with another customer’s move.
  • You pay less. With U-Pack there are no surcharges or other hidden fees. All fuel charges and taxes are included in every U-Pack quote.

That second promise is a biggie. Many moving companies lump the belongings of several different customers together and then just hope things don’t get mixed up and lost. U-Pack keeps everything separate so they don’t have to hope your stuff is all in one place. They know it is.

Pay close attention to that “no hidden fees” promise, too.  Many companies will ask you to sign before they will quote you the final price.  In fact, there are several companies that won’t quote you a final price until after they have possession of your property!  Get all the pricing info upfront, or don’t sign up for the service.

ABF U-Pack Moving

ABF U-Pack Moving services Canada, the United States and Mexico. With ABF, you pack your own stuff, so strangers aren’t handling it. You even pack your own truck or container, ABF delivers it to your door, you pack it and then ABF delivers it to your new home and you unpack it. They do the driving. You don’t have to worry about managing multiple vehicles or hassle with a rental truck.

This is an incredibly stress-free way to move. You can fly from point A to point B, or maybe drive your own car with your pet and a favorite houseplant tucked up safe under your watchful eye. When a friend of mine moved back to the mid-west she used ABF for her relocation and was pleased with their service.

Are you listening to this Bill? I know you’re getting ready to move and aren’t looking forward to hauling your stuff cross-country. Contact ABF U-Pack Moving and ask for your FREE QUOTE today!

Making Your Move Easier

If you don’t already know for yourself, the logistics of moving are a nightmare — especially when moving great distances. There are moving companies that can make things a lot easier. There are also moving companies that can make things a lot harder.

When Amoeba and I first started putting all of our ducks in a row, I contacted at least a dozen companies. Most of them said we’ll take you this far, then you’ll have to transfer to another company. The potential for things going wrong seriously escalates with that scenario. Plus, that’s extra people, extra handling, extra fees.

When I stumbled across MoveBuilder.com, I was really excited to learn that they handle complete moves from beginning to end. I filled out the forms and it wasn’t until I got to a live person that I discovered they only facilitate moves on the mainland. Luckily, the lovely person on the phone gave me some pointers and helped me contact someone who can get us from our old door, to our new door. Easy peasy.