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Here Comes the Sun

I just ran an Avon ad in the Journal of the San Juan’s. It has the wrong telephone listing. My apologies to whomever is getting the calls I very much wanted. I am not terribly pleased with the person who called to confirm the ad and promised to fix my typo, but I can’t very well complain about her when she couldn’t have made the mistake if I hadn’t typo-ed in the first place.

However, It is a beautiful day. The sun is out. The birds are singing. Sitting here pouting won’t change things. My camera and I are going out for a jaunt. After our jaunt we’ll be picking Amoeba up at work. After dinner I’ll deliver him to the playhouse for the opening night of My Fair Lady, then I will return home and spend the evening here online with all of you.

I have pictures from last night’s dress rehearsal and an Amoeba story to entertain you with. Stay tuned! See you then!


  1. Could be worse. You could have tried to sell a million shares of Procter & Gamble and accidentally sold a billion.

  2. I’m so sorry that you gave them the wrong phone number to start with. [just a little giggle]
    I gave the wrong address once on mail order of an item I would really rather have not had my neighbor know about. I still have trouble looking her in the eye. now you can laugh.

        1. Greg — yes, may as well just walk into the store in broad daylight as long as the whole neighborhood knows what you’re buying anyway. πŸ˜‰ AND, if you see someone you know with similar items in hand, there’s no reason to be embarrassed.

          1. Ah, Karen, I am so glad! I take it that you finally decided to open the package? πŸ˜‰ I really like all of the the Anew products I’ve tried to date.

  3. please don’t let anything happen to the memory card or the hard disk or whatever… (looking forward to the photos)

    1. Polona – -and they’re up — nothing bad happened to the memory or the photo disc, but most of my pics are pretty crappy. Then as I was wailing about them to Amoeba he said, “So then why didn’t you shoot on manual?” And I stopped cold. The answer to that is — I didn’t even think of it. Usually when speed is an issue I let the camera auto-focus, but it I’d have put it on manual, I could have over ridden the camera’s insistence that there wasn’t enough light (there was plenty). Duh.

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