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When Buying Isn’t An Option

Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S VR

Heavy sigh. This is the camera lens of my dreams.  I would love this to be my everyday, all purpose lens.  Since it’s average starting price is right around $1000.00 dollars, chances are slim that it will ever be mine.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t ever use one.

Hawaii Camera of Honolulu rents camera and camera equipment. I can rent that little baby above and use it to my heart’s content. If I ever want another long lens I am likely going to have to rent it. The one Amoeba bought me last year died a very painful death when it encountered a heavy, swinging door.

Amoeba is taking me to Hawaii in July. He has a business trip to The Big Island. I am certain I’ll want a long lens for the trip, and I am just as certain I won’t have saved enough pennies to buy one, but I can easily save enough pennies to rent.

Hawaii Camera has everything anyone could ever want or need in the way of camera supplies — both Nikon and Canon — plus lighting equipment and assorted accessories from memory cards to tripods. One can rent video equipment and accessories, waterproof camera housings (for snorkeling), and even work station equipment from Hawaii Camera. Their inventory is mind boggling.

To help better serve their customers, Hawaii Camera has opened Maui Camera for the convenience of Maui visitors. If you are visiting any other island, Hawaii Camera will ship the rental equipment to your residence or hotel. Please be certain to read the instructions for that service.

So, to ensure I have the lens for our entire stay, I could order it and have it awaiting our arrival. The lens that just died was an 55-100mm — this one would provide me with even more incredible close ups. Hurry up, July!


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    I might have to check on camera rentals here. We probably have them at Galveston for the tourists. I would imagine an underwater camera rental would be very popular.

    My favorite wishbook camera is a nice Nikon SLR Digital. Somehow I am tight with the money for one of those so it will remain only in that book. My only wish really is for a camera that would take moon pictures. My old Kodak pocket digital would do a fair job but not the present Sony that goes everywhere with me.
    Your post reminded me of an outing you had with visitors on the Island (not the Big Island). There was a problem in that you forgot batteries.

    I imagine a rented camera would come with fully charged and good batteries. 🙂

    1. Jim — I have a Nikon Digital SLR. I love my camera. It is the one I forgot the battery charger for. It takes outstanding photographs when charged! 😉

  2. Renting is such a great idea! You can even hire expensive shoes now, though I’m not sure I would fancy wearing a pair of shoes that a lot of other people have worn.

    1. Akelamalu — shudder Many, many years ago I bought a second-hand pair of shoes. They were originally quite expensive and came to me in excellent condition. The doctor believes they are where I picked up the plantar wart I had on the bottom of my foot. It was quite painful and I had trouble walking for ages.

    1. Greg — they ship, but you’re finished with mail order so I suppose that leaves you out. 😉 Google “Camera rental”, you will likely find a rental source much closer to your own home.

  3. all purpose lenses are great because you don’t have to change them often. but you do realise that the optical performances of these lenses are inferior to the more specialised ones. however, the prices are in any case outrageous!

    1. Polona — Amoeba just ordered a 55-200mm lens for me — a showroom demo so he gets it new for a used lens price. Still costly, but not astronomical. And obviously I am going to have to stop mentioning that I want things.

  4. The 18-200mm is a beautiful Babe.
    I’m not sure, if I have exact this one, or if this one’s a newer model, but I do love it 🙂
    I am wishing for something in the range of 500 these days, sigh.
    I haven’t decided on anything yet and wish there was a place I could rent lenses to test them :S

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