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Aye, Aye, EyeGlasses!

He can never find them.  I would say the most consistent thing we search the house for is Amoeba’s glasses.  Unlike me, he only needs his for close up work, so when he’s doing something that takes far vision, he just takes the glasses off and sits them aside — no matter where “aside” happens to be.

Have you seen my eyeglasses?” is his most oft repeated question. Generally it is rhetorical. He doesn’t expect me to search — unless of course he has already gone to work. And, to give him credit, he can usually tell me the vicinity of where he last had them. “Check near my computer.” Or, “I was reading at the dining room table”, or, “I think they’re on the bedroom night stand”.

Because Amoeba can’t keep consistent track of his eyeglasses, I keep threatening to buy him a dozen pair.  Well guess what, I really can and I won’t go broke doing so! has amazing prices on glasses. One can buy prescription eyeglasses starting at just $8.00 — and these are the same quality glasses you’d get from your optometrists shop. At that rate I could get Amoeba a pair for every room in the house and several pairs of r his office as well — all for the price of one pair from the optometrist’s office!

Zenni Optical doesn’t have the overhead of a fancy office, technical assistants, a receptionist, an answering service, and etc. They just process and sell eyeglasses. They have some really kickin’ styles, too. Maybe I’ll order myself a couple of pair while I’m at it!


  1. Oi it must be genetic. I can never find my glasses either. But oddly enough I often leave mine in the bathroom. I mostly use my glasses from driving so when I get home from work I go in the bathroom, take my glasses off, put them on the counter, do whatever I went in the bathroom for, and leave. Glasses next to the toothpaste almost everyday. And yet it still takes me 15 minutes to remember where I left them. I bought two pairs when I last visited the eye doctor just for this reason and only have one pair that I can find at a time. 😀

    1. Amanda — so you have inherited your Uncle’s absent mindedness? Perhaps like him you are simply trying to do too many things at once?

  2. I need to get some eyeglasses. I wear contact lenses right now, and have for years. I can’t see a think without them. My perscription is -6.75 now, or at least it was last time I had them checked, but I’m running out of lenses now and will have to head on back to the eye doctors for another appointment and probably a new perscription again soon. Sometimes though, I get tired of wearing them as my eyes dry out a bit, so I’d like to get a pair of glasses as well so that I’m able to rest my eyes once in awhile. I’d still wear the contacts for work etc, but when I’m at home with not much to do, my eyes could use the break. I DO have a pair that’s about 15 years old, completely scratched up, getting a yellow tinge to them that I got about three perscriptions ago. I think I’ve had them since elementary or middle school… I keep them for emergency and so that I can see to make my way from the bathroom to the bedroom at night when I take my contacts out and vice versa in the morning (otherwise I’d crash into things), but as you can probably guess from my description of them, I get a bad headache looking through those things almost as soon as I put them on.

    1. Teresa Dawn – -Check out Zunni and see if they ship to Canada. They are quite inexpensive and good quality glasses.

  3. I am exactly like him or even worse ! I need my glasses to see far, I am shortsighted. So when I come home I usually put my glasses always at the same place unfortunately I don’t know how, the place changes all the time !

    1. Gattina — I am short-sighted so I rarely take my glasses off. If I am sleeping or bathing they come off, and when I am reading they perch atop my head.

  4. I DO have a dozen pairs laying around, but they are of the cheap generic type. It helps so I don´t drive my hubby crazy, looking for glasses…. 🙂

  5. I think it’s a male thing. We are constantly looking for my husband’s glasses. If I’m doing something and happen to see them, I make a mental note so I’ll remember when he’s looking for them!

    1. Linda — I always pick Amoeba’s up and take them to his des or the bedroom night stand. Those are usually the first two places he looks before he yells for help.

  6. This is why when I take mine off I put them on top of my head… I always know where they are. Doesn’t do much for my hair-do — but I can always find my glasses!

    1. Melli — me, too, for the most part. If I am not sleeping or showering my glasses are likely on my body somewhere.

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