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Pajama Party

I love pajamas. I am not one of those people who have gone grocery shopping in my pjs, but if I can get away with wearing them all day long at home I will! To me having a pajama day when I am not ill is an ultimate luxury.

I have just found an online women’s pajama shop where I am going to spend my next blogging paycheck. They have some of the most adorable and comfy looking pjs I have ever seen — and they come in plus sizes, too.

I had no idea that I could get a sleeper with footies in womens pajama sizes! I am going to be warm, snuggly, toasty next winter. And Amoeba will be happy that I am not warming my icy toes on his legs.

If you are looking to buy womens pajamas, check out  They have any and every kind of pajama you can imagine, from the slinky, sexy, you’ll get no sleep tonight variety, to the granny’s flannel nighty.

What I think is super cute and would be great for a slumber party or Christmas gathering, is whole family sets of matching pajamas.  One can buy couple’s matching pajamas, Mommy & Me matching pajamas, and family sets of matching pajamas.   Check them out.  They’re cute.


  1. There is no possible way I could sleep with feet on my pajamas haha. I’m always boiling hot at night, and my feet are the worst. I sleep with my window wide open in mid winter during a snowstorm because I can’t get cool enough to sleep and in the summer I’m exhausted because I’m up all night due to the heat. I think this year I’m just gonna hafta stay at work all night and sleep in the ice arena haha!

    1. Teresa — I am not certain I want these jammies to sleep in. I want them to run around the house in. No drafts!

  2. If I bought matching family pajamas they would a) call the men with the white coats or b) leave home…

    Fun idea for someone, though!


  3. I had footy pajamas when I was a teenager – my mother found them somewhere and thought they would be cute. I thought they were cute too — but I never wore them because I did NOT like having to completely disrobe to use the bathroom! Especially in the middle of the night when you do NOT want to get all unwarm! NO MORE footy’s for me!

    I do love cute pajamas though!

    1. Polona — I did last time I was sick. When I was teaching I always reserved one day during the first week of Summer Break to not get dressed. I’d wake in the morning, put on clean jammies, and wear them all day never leaving the house. Pure luxury.

  4. I will check out that site, I was in fact looking for pj’s and realized the stores here are displaying Winnie the Poo, the Pink Panther and Hello Kitty for their collections…for grown up’s!!! can you imagine??? …I could not wear any of those, I am well over 10 yo 😉

  5. I have bought pjs with feet as an adult but I ended up cutting the feet out, then I ended up giving them away anyway because I hated having to strip to use the toilet, lol.

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