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3WT ~ No Way

I promised Thom I would have a 3WT up today, but a couple of things happened that ate more time than I had to spare. Seriously looking at my schedule I have to tell you, Three Word Thursday is on hiatus until next Thursday when I will post with the words I missed and then provide you with new words (for those still willing to play). There is a good chance that for awhile at least 3WT will post every other week. My Summer schedule is packed back-to-back! I need the time to get an episode or two ahead so that when I have crunches they don’t put me behind.

I am sorry. Somebody send me a social secretary, please.


    1. Tilden — Amoeba got a sandwich, he’s not come home yet for dinner. And he didn’t have his costume ready. I had to deliver it after he was already at the theater and just before “the show must go on”.

      That means I had to move doing the laundry and the ironing to the time I should have been writing. I should have just ironed Amoeba’s shirts while we were talking.

    1. Tilden – -also I was sent some prep work for the Bible Study I am teaching and a piece to edit for the announcement flyer. It wasn’t just you — and I loved our talk. I was shocked at how long we were actually on the phone.

      Good night!

  1. Oh, jeez! I do understand! What happens to time???? And so many memes and particularly since I’ve become one of the hosts on three of them! What was I thinking??? or is that the problem??? I wasn’t thinking! Ah, well, fun they are! Have a lovely evening, Qullly!


  2. I know the feeling – I seem to be even busier now that I’m not working (which makes me want to go pound the pavement looking for a job even less, let me tell you – think they’d pay me anyway?). I really need to get Summer Stock advertised and up and running again already too. Where does the time go, anyway?

    My photography is now available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

    1. Robin — how does that happen?! I don’t get it. Now there never seems to be time for what I want to do because there is too much “have to do”!

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