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I Seem To Be Breaking Up

I do not have the best of luck with cell phones.  I took my last one snorkeling in Hawaii and it didn’t care for the experience at all.  Then I bought this pretty ruby colored Samsung slide — and it can’t keep it together. Literally. The thing loses its mind on a daily basis.

I can’t keep the back on the darn thing.   If I slip the phone in my purse — even though there is a compartment for it — when I reach back in to take it out the back is off the phone and the battery has fallen out.  It is a hassle. I am not buying a new phone and I have no intention of renewing this plan — ever — so I’ve been trying to come up with another solution.

Well, I think I’ve finally found the answer.  I am going to get a couple of cute cell phone cases. The case will fit the cell phone much more snugly than the purse pocket does. Hopefully that will keep the phone all in one piece. The only other ideas I have are super glue or a rubber band, either of which might make the phone slide a little difficult to operate. Then again, maybe I should just take the darn thing snorkeling and put it out of my misery.


  1. Breaking up is hard to do.

    I drop my phone on a regular basis and since it is a smartphone it smartly realises not to fall apart on me. 😀

  2. I have a red Samsung, but i haven’t had any problems with it — yet, but who knows?????
    The case sounds like a good idea, in fact, I think I’ll look into that, too. Have a lovely evening, Quilly!


    1. Sylvia — I have a T239. If I want to take the back off, I can’t, but it has no trouble at all falling off when I don’t wish it to!

      1. .
        I was going to suggest this also. You can use a razor blade or Xacto knife to cut a hold for the sliding switches and other necessities. 🙂

        Duct tape comes in colors, I used white for my old Dodge convertible top, black for the garage door opener, and silver to hold the silver TV together. I have seen pretty yellow and also red for your phone.

  3. Ohhhhhh those slide phones! All of my kids HAD to have them … and the next time new phone time came along NONE of my kids wanted one!!! LOL! I’m sorry…

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