If All Goes As Planned

It is early Sunday morning — waaay early.  I am going to bed in just a few moments.  If all goes as planned, when I wake in the morning I will shower, we will toss the suitcases in the car, and head for the ferry.

It is time once again to trek off to Seaweed Camp.  Some of you have been with me long enough that you know all about Seaweed Camp.  It is a field trip to Botanical Beach (Juan de Fuca Provincial Park) in British Columbia.  We will be camping not too far from Port Renfrew.  The first time I went on this field trip I had a lovely time.  The second time I went it rained the entire time we were there — in fact we left early because a couple of the tents flooded and we had students with nowhere to sleep.  This time the weather pixies have cheerfully promised us rain, rain and more rain.  Oh joy.

This year, unlike last year, I own boots and a rubber coat.  Not only that, Amoeba and I will have our own tent (not borrowed) and our own car.  Even if it rains I should only be half as miserable as I was last year – -which will be a huge improvement.

See you Tuesday!

31 thoughts on “If All Goes As Planned

  1. I hope the weatherman is wrong!! My daughter who lives in BC said they are having the most beautiful weather, so maybe it will last.
    Anyway you are prepared. Hope you enjoy your trip!

  2. Good luck with the trip and have fun. If you wake up late or can’t close your suitcase in time to catch the ferry, we’ll read about it here.

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  4. Q. & A.: I understand raincoats and rubber boots (and umbrellas!) are everyday essentials in the Pacific Northwest. I, for one, am unimpressed with your preparedness. Remain calm.

  5. I do hope you have an enjoyable visit and camping experience, Quilly. I.e, ‘have fun.’
    You left before I knew you were going. If you need to relax you can stop at Victoria and have a ‘fish and chips’ lunch. Have a second, one for me too. 🙂
    After Victoria, we drove over to the Butchart Gardens. They were beautiful!
    BTW, I did a little reading on the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. It is a little on the rough side sometimes.

  6. Dear Dr. Jim,

    I can not emphasize enough how much you’ve enriched my life on daily basis. I’m sure Q. & A. feel the same way.

    You are so thoughtful, well-traveled, and so very accomplished. You’re a Texas attorney, a former Business Professor and almost a great-grandfather. I’m ashamed that I haven’t been following Jim’s Little Blog just so I can be even more impressed by Dr. Jim Hovendick.

    I apologize to you that I haven’t fully acknowledged your greatness until today. I hope other Quintessentially Quilly commenters will do the same.

    With highest regard,

    Karen A. Gardner

    p.s. I never did tell your avatar how handsome you are.

    • .
      Thank you, Karen. I try to keep a ‘low-key’ appearance on most of my credentials and attributes. I say ‘try’ but generally I for sure can not hide. 🙂

      My motto is
      What you see is what you get.
      Having a problem with that
      oft times gets me so upset.
      Times like that I’d like to chat.


  7. I hope you have a change in the weather and it is nice. Camping in the rain is horrible, I know from experience, unless you like rain.

  8. I hope you’ve been having a wonderful time, Quilly, and that the weather has been okay for you. It was storming here this evening, lots of rain and some lightening. Nowhere near enough rain to help with the major drought conditions and tinder dry forests, so lightening can be a bit scary. Other than that, we’ve had some nice weather here… I hope you did too while camping.

  9. By the time you get back, I’m taking off on my trip! It’s been all rain here for the past few days, so I can only hope that you are getting better than we are.On the other hand, wet seaweed smells better than dry seaweed, right? 😀

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