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Microfiction Monday #31

Susan from Stony River, welcomes us to Microfiction Monday,
where a picture paints just 140 characters.

If you’d like to join us, stop by Susan’s, pick up the picture prompt,
compose your story in 140 character (or less), post it,
and sign in at Susan’s place, then commence in the sharing!

“When the bomb falls my family and I will be able to survive comfortably in the bomb shelter for up to 22 years!”


  1. Okay, again this was another post that I had to do for Q because the one she did have scheduled didn’t post and no matter what I did it wouldn’t post. So again I did a copy and paste and just added it as a new post and here it is. Q. I love this story. Very well done. And I’ve linked you up at Susan’s. 🙂

  2. I’ve heard of people who have a stockpile of goods in case anything happens. Nice idea — but I don’t know where we’d put it all. She does have that look of panic on her face like she’s expecting the bomb any minute.

  3. Quilly;

    Some of my friends had thoses shelters, and they were stocked with years and years of food. Great take on the picture and so real!

  4. Hahaha better safe than sorry. 22 years is a bit long. I think I’d rather perish than be stuck with my family in a small space for that long!


  5. After 22 years in a shelter I imagine some of the family members would be looking for jars with questionable seals!

  6. .
    That is great, Thom! You are having a workout today. Quilly had better be greateful!
    I believe in storing up things, I have all kinds of stuff I don’t throw away. Just in case I ever use it? Better anwer would be where would I start on throwing away. Not like Mrs. Jim’s pantry. She orgainizes that fairly well.

  7. if i had to stay in a shelter for so many years, i’d rather be finished off by the bomb!
    but some people actually do such things

  8. Quilly, I hope Bill is wrong and there is NO blast! Nonetheless, when my dh bought his condo in Hawaii from an LDS couple, it came complete with 2 50-gallon barrels of red wheat. So — add those veggies, and a feast can be enjoyed!

  9. And I’ll bet they’ll take in the same wardrobe and 20 years back in style and healthy. 🙂

    Good one!

  10. lol thats what I say then I count how many people in my family, times three meals a day time 365 days a year times 22 years and my house isn;t big enough lol

  11. Oh my goodness. That is a great story for the photo given. I’m sure there are people today who have food and water reserved on their basement shelving for such a catastrophe.

  12. Somehow my comment didn’t make it into my last post. Sorry. I loved your MM and could just picture a little shelter with all those jars. Or her families faces when they’re served the same old thing 20 years later!

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