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Taking Stock of the Stock Market

Jay, one of my former co-workers is always trying to get me into online trading.  He says that trading stock is how he pays for his house, the pool, the recreation vehicles, and manages the upkeep on a wife and two teenagers.  He says I am foolish just settling for low risk, slow growing IRA Accounts.

I told Jay that I don’t know anything about the stock market, stock trading or the Dow Jones, and NASDAQ sounds like the name of some science-fiction computer.  He said that if I get a good online broker I’ll be trading like a pro in no time at all.

Then he started talking to me about mobile trading.  I told him that while I liked his car, I didn’t really want to swap mine for his.  He rolled his eyes at me and told me that mobile trading allows one to manage his/her accounts from portable devices like a cell phone, smartphone, or pocket PC so I can constantly monitor my assets.  I pointed out that the way I was saving now didn’t require my constant attention.  Jay said, “Of course you don’t have to watch it.  It isn’t doing anything!”

Actually, it is doing something.  Every time I get a statement it seems I have an even smaller balance than it had previously.  Why not invest the monies in stock trading?  I stand a chance of earning something rather than just watching it dwindle away.


  1. Ooh boy. Here’s some even better advice: Cash out all your savings, sell a kidney, mortgage the house, liquidate the kids’ college funds and put it on red.

    Sponsored posts for casinos may not pay as well or come up as often, but they’re morally and rationally much more wholesome.

    1. ROTFLMAO — Doug, you are a treasure. I love this comment! I’m telling Amoeba that you said I could do casino posts!

  2. I don’t know. The stock market makes me nervous. My husband took a hunk of my 401K and moved it into tech stocks before it crashed a long time ago. It’s sort of getting back to where it was again but that was a scare. As with everything, you have to diversity.

    1. Kay, the stock market has me pretty nervous, too. I am more apt to put my money in a nice old-fashioned bank account.

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