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I’m So Dizzy, My Head is Spinnin’

Lots to do.  Not enough time to do it in.  Where do all the minutes go?

I was out on the deck checking to see how my container garden survived the downpour, and I was buzzed by a hummingbird.  He chittered at me.  I told him not to speak to me in that tone of voice.  He dived bombed my head.  I asked him if he knew where the food in that container came from, and he chittered at me some more.  Must be a teenager.

Avon stuffs — we have some great sales right now including free shipping on any orders over five dollars with the code SUMMERFS.  Did you know that Avon is the world’s #1 cosmetic company?  It has been on the cutting edge of the cosmetic industry for over 124 years.  Two of Avon’s unique scents have been nominated for awards by the parfum industry.  One is Reese Witherspoon’s, In Bloom, which I love.

House cleaning — going to have company soon.  And I had to arrange for lifters and toters so we can pick up the furniture we purchased.  We should have had it long ago, but one mishap after another keeps slowing us down. Hopefully, we’ll get it tomorrow.

Road construction: a mishap of some sort really freaked out the crew that dug up the road to work on the sewer pipe.  They supposedly finished the job a couple days ago, but they came careening back today at full speed.  Whatever went wrong, they closed the road at both ends and brought in lots of heavy equipment — which stranded me at the coffee shop for about 2 hours.  They parked large trucks all the way around my car.  I offered to move but they weren’t moving their rigs until whatever had excited them so was finally was under control.  There are worse places to be stranded then the coffee shop.

Class — tonight Becce and I are doing hands on training for our Summer Book Study Online. I best go get the dishes done and get ready to go.  I’ll be by to visit you all this evening!


  1. There never seems to be enough time in the day. The older we get the faster the time goes by!

    Hope you catch up and get to relax this weekend.

  2. What an honour to be so pestered by a hummingbird!
    But really, that crew should have bought you coffee and cake for the inconvenience of the enforced rest.

  3. It’s that time of year! And if the hummingbird isn’t a teenager, I vote for it being a 4-year-old. My kids all spent half of their mealtimes in time-out during their 4th year. Oy! The backtalk! Luckily, food is a great motivator.

    1. Karen — I never talked back when I was 4. Or 14. I know this because I am still alive. However, Amoeba says the hummingbird in question is actually a mature female! You know what that means — even hummingbirds have PMS!

      1. I saw a young boy (maybe 7 years old?) reject his father’s discipline on Wednesday evening. His father was trying to get the kid to settle down in his seat at a scout meeting and the kid turned, looked dad in the eye, stuck his little tongue out and blew a raspberry in his face! It’s a good thing I was across the room… it STILL bothers me. We nipped that behavior in the bud at ages 2, 3, and 4 and it isn’t a problem at all now, so when I see it, my blood pressure rises and I want to smack both the kid AND the parent into next Tuesday. This is why I did not become a teacher. I have NO patience whatsoever for disrespectful behavior. (And yes, I am the parent of 3 teenagers and one preteen.)

        I will have to watch out for hummingbirds with PMS. Perhaps she needs some chocolate?

  4. You are one busy lady Quilly. And I lol’d at the bird chirping at you; they shout at me all the time!

  5. I did remember that song when I saw your title.

    I would be really frustrated at being stranded for two hours, Though a coffee shop is not a bad place to be stranded. I do need to cultivate more of a take-things-in stride attitude… somehow.

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