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Slow Simmer

I just got an email warning me of a new computer virus.  It came with a promise that had confirmed the danger, and contained a link to the Snopes article.  I prefer first-hand news.  I clicked on the link.  Had the person who sent me that link bothered to click on it herself, she would have realized she was perpetuating the HOAX.

The woman who sent me this email has sent me dozens of virus warnings.  Never once has one of them been legitimate.  Every single time I write back to her — and the 47 other people she forwarded the dang thing to — and tell them it isn’t real.  Don’t you think that at the very least she should learn NOT to include me in these mass emailings?

Shouldn’t there come a point when she decides she is tired of me making her look like an hysterical idiot?  Or maybe it is me that needs to learn.  Since she has no wish to be educated, I should stop trying — but do I let her continue to terrorize people with these false emails and say nothing?


  1. People like that drive me nuts!!! You have a lot more patience than I would!! Guess I’ve just been fortunate because I haven’t really received any of these. I have a none blogging friend here who occaionally sends me a warning that she has gotten. But between the two of us we usually check it out and veryify that it is or isn’t a threat. I lost my first blog due to some idiot and I had to start all over and I did get a virus several months ago but was able to get it taken care of before it did any damage. Hope you have a great weekend!


    1. Sylvia — I know there are real viruses and bad things happen, but usually by the time the emails start circulating the anti-virus folks have stepped up and neutralized the threat.

  2. Oh MAN.
    I have a family member who does this. I get all kinds of mass-forwarded emails from this poor girl, and YES, you can point out the hoax over and over and over again and it’s just useless.
    I have lots to say about how it makes me feel and what I think, but….

    1. Linda, I absolutely will not forward those and I always write back to whomever sent them to me and ask them to stop sending out terrorist letters in the name of God and/or Jesus.

  3. I’ve had experiences like that — and even had the people get a little offended when their perpetuation of a hoax was pointed out, or had them say, “Well, people can just check those things out when they get them” instead of getting the point that THEY should check them out before sending them. SO frustrating! I usually reply with a “This isn’t true” and the snopes link a few times, but if it keeps up I just delete. Likely everyone else on her list feels the same way you do. And it’s sad because people like this often send things because they think they’re helping, when they’re really making a nuisance of themselves.

  4. I used to send a correction (sometimes to the entire group, sometimes just to the one person) but eventually I decided that it wasn’t worth my time. Delete, delete, delete!
    Anytime someone sends me an e-mail that tells me to forward to everyone I know, I immediately delete it.

    Now if I could just use that delete key on the rest of my inbox…

    1. Karen — I am an educator — I want to correct all ignorance. I am especially frustrated when the ignorance seems to be willful.

  5. I’d say it’s up to you. You’ve corrected her enough that she should know to check on her own now. As for the rest of the people, chances are most of them know to check themselves or if they didn’t, they’ve seen your corrections enough too. I get this problem more on facebook, all kinds of inbox warnings and hoaxes etc. People making hoax groups etc to scare people (The big one right now being that fb will charge $ starting in July), sometimes I warn people but it seems it doesn’t help so I’ve sorta given up.

    1. Teresa — I’ve actually decided to quit correcting her. It is a full-time job. If the other’s on her list haven’t figured out not to trust her, that’s not my job.

  6. by telling her off once, i’m sure she got the message loud and clear. if she continues, just don’t let her bother you. remember, there’s no pill to stupidity so don’t expect her to change. there are people who really get the hang of forwarding emails no matter how senseless they are. i really hate those chain emails. believe me, i have a number of unopened mails in my inbox. i totally ignore them if they are forwarded messages.

    1. Bing — I have corrected her repeatedly. She either doesn’t care or is too lazy to double-check these hoaxes herself. I have decided that either way, it isn’t my problem. I am done tidying up her messes.

  7. that’s why delete buttons exist.
    alternatively, tell her you have no desire to continue receiving fake warnings and ask her to remove you from her mailing list

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