Slow Simmer

I just got an email warning me of a new computer virus.  It came with a promise that had confirmed the danger, and contained a link to the Snopes article.  I prefer first-hand news.  I clicked on the link.  Had the person who sent me that link bothered to click on it herself, she would have realized she was perpetuating the HOAX.

The woman who sent me this email has sent me dozens of virus warnings.  Never once has one of them been legitimate.  Every single time I write back to her — and the 47 other people she forwarded the dang thing to — and tell them it isn’t real.  Don’t you think that at the very least she should learn NOT to include me in these mass emailings?

Shouldn’t there come a point when she decides she is tired of me making her look like an hysterical idiot?  Or maybe it is me that needs to learn.  Since she has no wish to be educated, I should stop trying — but do I let her continue to terrorize people with these false emails and say nothing?