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Got It Covered

She went to bed early to read. He passed through the bedroom and went into the master bath. She heard him brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed. She continued to read.

He entered the bedroom and approached the bed.

She continued to read.

He cleared his throat.

She continued to read.

Her cleared his throat a little more loudly.

She looked up from her little cocoon of covers and said, “I suppose you want some of my blankets?”

He arched his brow. “Your blankets?”

She put her book aside, sat up, and examined the sheets, the blanket and the comforter. “Yes,” she said. “My blankets. I believe these were all mine. I brought them to this union.” She lifted the blankets up into the air so they settled properly and covered the entire bed, then looked up at him.

He was giving her that look.

She said, “As you can see, I am prepared not to put too fine a point on it.” She indicated the covers now neatly covering the entire bed.

“How magnanimous of you,” He commented dryly.

She said, “Well, it did seem prudent since the bed was yours.”

He responded, “You show great wisdom.”


    1. Teresa — it’s because we really do have the best conversations. Just ask our RL friends. We really talk like this.

  1. My husband seems to “take his half out of the middle” if he goes to bed first — then I feel guilty (just a little) when I pull some over for myself and he has to get the new area warmed to his liking. Just once or twice I’ve gone and gotten another blanket instead when he is already asleep and hopelessly entangled.

    1. Barbara — I am the one that does that to Amoeba! I figure if he came to bed at a decent hour he wouldn’t have to fight for bed space.

  2. ROTFL! (or maybe that should be ROTBL?)

    I had to remind myself how cool, wet, and miserable the weather has been there.
    Here, it is 90+ degrees with high humidity, and no one is stealing anyone’s blankets.

  3. i only sleep under my own blanket

    oh, and it’s been cold wet and miserable here forever. i wonder if any other weather still exists at all 🙁

    1. Polona — I saw the sun today and tried to run outside to stand in it, but by the time I wrestled the sliding glass door and the screen open the sky was dull and gray again. Alas.

  4. tee hee
    Love it.
    Witty repartee is one of my favorite things about being married to a smart, funny man.

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