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  1. We had that same situation when we lived in Las Vegas. That cathedral ceiling was supposed let the hot air rise so those of us at surface temp would be cooler…um…yeah, sure. And the dust in the smoke detector…yup.

    His gift with words makes it funny to read!

  2. .
    I couldn’t see what was wrong with the Winchester Cathedral. Did I go to the wrong page?
    Your sunglasses article was on target. First of all they must protect the eyes. Fashion statements can come later. I once wouldn’t allow my picture to be taken unless I had my glasses on. NOW I DON’T WEAR GLASSES. That last bit is a long story. 🙂

    1. Jim — you think smoke alarms blaring for now reason other than you turned the stove on NORMAL? All-righty then. I am not visiting you!

  3. Smoke detectors are fantastic – except when the battery runs low in the middle of the night and you can’t figure out where the ‘beep’ is coming from!

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