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Sunglasses With History!

Amoeba prefers aviator style sunglasses like the ones shown in this pic. I came across this pair of sunglasses at  There was a bit of cool history on the page I thought I’d share.

The first “sun goggles” for pilots were developed for the U.S. Air Force in 1958. They were given the catchy name, Flight Goggle 58, and were designed to shield the pilot’s eyes from glare. Those same glasses, now known as the Original Pilot sunglasses (or OPS), are still popular today. In fact, in 1969 they became the first sunglasses ever taken to the moon.

And, in case you’re wondering why I am talking about sunglasses all of a sudden, according to the fashion gurus in the world of cosmetics and clothing, they are this season’s must have fashion accessory. I can go for that. Sunglasses are practical and functional. I love it when something I need is considered cool.


  1. sigh. with the bizarre weather we’re having i’m wondering if i’ll ever need sunglasses again (well, maybe this weekend at the coast? then again…)

  2. My eyes are super sensitive to the light. If I have to drive somewhere I’ll wear them any time of day… regardless of how grey & cloudy the weather is, I need them or I’m squinting.

  3. Ah hah! So this is where Susan got the sunglasses. What fun that you’ll be able to get together very soon.

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