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Reading By The Fire

Ella has been extremely well-behaved here. I don’t think it’s the weather because she hasn’t even been causing problems inside. I think it is the book. She is spell-bound!

Chosen Ones, The Aedyn Chronicles, by Alister McGrath

current contest stats:

– Nessa — 32
– Susan — 23
– Barbara — 16
– Raven — 14
– Alice Audry — 5

— Teresa — 4
— Mama Zen — 4
— Melissa — 4

Plenty of time left to win — 4 days left to get your posts and comments in.  No one on the list is too far behind to win.   Remember, you only have to be in the top 5 to win a book!  If you need a refresher on the rules, look here.


  1. It seems so strange to see a fire in June, but when my in-laws were in ID they often had a fire going in the mornings.

    That must be a good book if it keeps someone as busy and curious as Ella occupied!

    1. Barbara — that’s why I turned on the fireplace — to take the edge off early morning. I had no idea I wouldn’t be able to turn it back off!

  2. I’m with Barbara! That must be one heck of a good book! Ella doesn’t usually last past the 3rd or 4th PAGE — much less a few chapters!

  3. Did get your message, was in the shower. Nice to see you are conneted, surprised. Have a grand time, love you. XOXOO

  4. …the toughest contest yet, lol, I think it will be too late for me, however, good luck to the other contestants. Anna 🙂

  5. Well, looks like Ella is really improving her educaion and having a good time. Nice fireplace. I’m repeating myself, but you and Amoeba do visit the nicest places.

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