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Ella on reception desk at main lodge

Secret Cove Resort, Halfmoon Day, B.C.

We’ll all soon be on the road again for another full day of travel.  I’ll see you all when I am once again state side!  It has been wonderful here and, of course, now that we are leaving the sun has come out.  I just got some great shots of starfish on the beach.  I’ll share them later.


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    Have a nice trip, Quilly. We are traveling also, from Texas to Louisiana. Mrs. Jim’s cousins are having their 60th wedding anniversary celebration. I probably won’t be bloging either. But then?
    Oh yes, KP is coming with us. She will keep us pretty busy. But we have to show her off to Mrs. Jim’s family before she leaves to live in London.

  2. That is one seriously upscale campground – love that luxury tent! (Do you think they’d let us borrow one when we go camping in NH in August?)

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  3. Glad to see what a terrific time you’re having. I love seeing what you’re up to while I’m closeted in my room recovering.

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