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I’m fine.  Amoeba is fine.  We got in late last night without incident — beyond traveler’s exhaustion, that is.

Today the sun shone bright and beautiful and I chose to tend my container garden, clean my house, read a “couldn’t put it down” novel, make a nice steak dinner, and bake banana bread.  I could not bring myself to walk into this room, sit down at my computer and blog.

Chosen Ones, The Aedyn Chronicles, by Alister McGrath

current contest stats:

– Nessa — 40
– Susan — 23
– Barbara — 21
– Raven — 14
– Teresa — 9
– Mama Zen — 6
– Alice Audry — 5
– Melissa — 4


  1. I don’t blog every day, sometimes I just need a break. I spend enough time on the computer with the facebook applications 🙂 I don’t think I posted yesterday.

  2. Hey Quilly, I made a blog post about your contest and then I sent people over to contest post to say that I sent them, but it says the contest post is too old now for people to comment on it anymore… so I have to put this on this post.

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