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      1. Wrong. I watched my soap much earlier. I was trying to sleep but some people wouldn’t leave my room. Pfft

  1. Nice to see Thom so valiantly guarding your sliding glass door from intruders who might want to come in and . . . BLOG!

    There IS conversation in between the keystrokes, right?

  2. Hahaha. I bet the emails go extra fast when you’re that close.

    Thom looks a little like Gulliver in Lilliput.

        1. Doug — I said, “Apparently Doug thinks Susan is an angel.”

          Thom snorted.

          Susan told me to tell you that it is just as well you didn’t come so you wouldn’t have to be disappointed.

          Other than that, we wish you were here.

          Dinner last night (no photos taken) was bbq — steaks, salmon, fresh tuna, and scallops. We also had steamed crab, potato salad, olives, caviar, hummus and assorted other yummies.

          1. Doug, your first comment was my laugh of the day, thank you!

            How can there be a Thom, and not be insults?? I owe him one however — he accidentally deleted things off Quilly’s computer which (I hope) takes the heat off me breaking her disposal…

          2. Doug: I have to be Guillver to keep up with these two. I tell you. I have to go around fixing everything they break pffft

          3. Susan, you get a pass for being small and Erse. That’s close enough to an angel that frivolous cruelty shouldn’t count against you.

            Thom, you just left the funniest comment on Waking Ambrose. Which woman are you lying about not having slept with?

  3. Hilarious! My sons do that now — they have laptops when we’re lounging around together and are constantly telling or showing each other what they’re reading or watching.

  4. Sorry about this extra comment. I typed in the wrong e-mail address. I need to see follow-up comments.

  5. As you will all note…I, yes MOI, had to pull up the floor. And that was after she had me scheduled to pull up a sleeping bag OUTSIDE in -40 degree weather at night. And this was taken after, now listen carefully, you call come in close, Q got lost and we took a wrong turn on the island she lives on. But that’s beside the point. Once home and I got my little piece of the floor all was well.

      1. Doug — as I said to Susan — one can’t stay lost for more than 5 minutes without finding a familiar landmark – -which I proceeded to prove.

          1. I never got lost, just momentarily turned around. It is impossible to get “lost” on a 10 mile by 20 mile island.

  6. I’m hoping from one blog to another seeing all these warm photos. Love them very much. Have a great time together. Keep the posts coming 🙂

  7. All of these snarky comments back and forth make me feel like I’m in the room. I keep ducking expect a pillow to fly.

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