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    1. Doug — we wish you could have been here, too. It was terribly inconsiderate of your dad to have his birthday on “our” weekend!

      1. His birthday isn’t until the end of the month. It was terribly inconsiderate of my sister to be available this week to celebrate in Southern California.

  1. Beautiful photos Quilly, loved the one with the Lighthouse. Sounds like you are having a blast with your Company. Now we need some of Susan if she’ll let you take one.

    1. Sylvia — be glad you missed the trail to the beach. Amoeba and Thom turned themselves into hand holds for me.

  2. I see you’ve gotten in touch with your “inner naturalist” for this post. I’m really groovin’ on these Superior Snaps!

  3. Very pretty pictures, Quilly. Of course we have all that and more here in Texas!
    I believe your crab won the popularity contest. I’m always too late to vote over
    here but my vote would have been split between Eagle One and Alapaca.
    You’d have liked my scene today. Coming home this evening I was too slow on the draw with the camera. Just a lot of time there is a very large crane sitting on the rail of our long bridge over our end of the lake. I have some poor pictures of him/her. He/she always flys away when I slow down to get a decent picture.
    Anyway, today it was swooping down onto the water to catch a fish. I was going too fast to see if it came with fish in mouth. That is a wondeful sight whenever I’ve been near one doing that. [Eagle One reminded me that you would probably want to know all this.]

    1. .
      “… flys away!” I can type faster (60-70 WPM) than I can think ‘flies.’ Sorry. I am bad at proofreading on sceen so this stuff happens to me more than to most. 🙂

      1. JIm — I am glad you are so fond of your Texas. I have been there. i prefer here. I guess it is good that way, or one part of the world would be much too crowded and the rest would be empty.

    1. Kila — nice to hear from you. We have moved from one Pacific Island to another. This one is a heck of a lot closer to the mainland, though!

  4. Quilly, I’m glad to see you got them all away from their computers!! 😀
    Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. The end of the school year and graduation is eating up my free time (and then some!)…

  5. Sigh, I miss real nature 😉
    Desert just doesn’t cut it, but I have to make do. Meanwhile I’ll come back here from time to time, you don’t mind, no?

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