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    1. Hi Bill,

      I visited your Old Fart’s blog …

      “Just a few rantings from a ‘Half Century’ “Old Fart”. What you will be reading here will not change the world, or have any profound effect on anyone or anything. It is just a place for me to share a thing or two and hopefully give you a break from the day to day toils and troubles of life”.

      Thank you for sharing.

  1. The photo of the lighthouse looks like a painting — can’t possibly be real! What a stunning set of photos and what beautiful weather God gave you for the visit! Wow!

  2. These are absolutely exquisite photos, Quilly. I’ll bet everybody would like to frame theirs. The one of Susan’s youngest amongst the flowers, priceless!

  3. The gang has just left the house here and we had such a great visit! The kid played in the yard and the rest of us sat out on the deck while Thom froze — it is chilly here. It was so wonderful to see Thom again and to finally meet Susan and her family. I love your pictures and the lighthouse does indeed take my breath away, too! I’m going to try to meet them tomorrow, but transportation may be a little iffy! They had such a great visit with you and Amoeba! What fun this has been and I hope we can do it again one day and hopefully I can finally meet you guys as well! Enjoy your weekend!


  4. .
    Nice pictures, Quilly. You picked a pretty place to live. πŸ™‚
    My vote is for the ‘Two Eagles” photo if I’m allowed to vote.

      1. Mr. Jim Hoverdick,

        We’re all quite sure you wrote (on another blog post) that you researched San Juan Island.


  5. Such gorgeous views and amazing shots!!!! no wonder I love visiting here πŸ™‚
    Soccer world championship is keeping me from blogging, because it comes with live facebook and twitter activities 8)

  6. Quilly, that first photograph invited me to crawl right in through my monitor. And WOW!! You sure shared some stunners today! πŸ˜€

  7. Gorgeous!
    I was just telling some of my homeschool pals about you and your island and the invite to that lab.
    I can’t wait till the schedule allows us a visit.

    1. Logo — just make certain you let us know ahead. Thom and Susan didn’t get much of a tour because of the summer class schedule. We’ll need to make certain that both Amoeba and the labs are accessible. Other than that, I know he loves showing this stuff to interested kids (and adults).

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