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Seeking Insurance

I did a lot more walking than I am used to while Thom and Susan were here. It has left me with a sore knee and a big toe that goes numb if I sit in one place for too long. My friend, a retired doctor, says I have likely pinched or stressed my sciatic nerve. I also thought I was developing an ear infection, but thankfully a day inside out of the wind has cured that discomfort.

Even so, it’s time to get my eyes checked and I could do with a physical.  I need insurance which means I need a job someplace with great group health medical benefits.  Since I am my only employee, I don’t have business insurance.

What about other folks who are self-employed?   Where do they get their insurance and how much does it cost?  I am not usually one for visiting the doctor more than once or twice a year, so I hate the thought of paying humongous premiums. I wonder if Netquote insurance can help me with this problem?


    1. Gigi — but to do that I would have to move back to Hawaii. We don’t have Kaiser. We have Blue Cross. Thanks for the advice. I will check them out.

  1. I just saw an ad for Assurant. They said they special in what you are looking for. I wonder if they are in your area.

  2. I hate that insurance it tied to jobs, but I don’t care for any government-sponsored health care I’ve heard of, either. There has to be a good compromise somewhere.

  3. My mother has the Kaiser plan, too which has been wonderful for her. I’m sorry you don’t have that in Seattle. You have been such a fabulous host. What a terrific time you all had. Now, get some rest! I sure do know how you have to rest.

    1. Kay — I took one day to vegetate. Yesterday I vacuumed and mopped and cleaned the guest bedroom and bathroom — super easy because my guest left the house very clean. Today I will wash the 4 year-old’s prints off my glass doors and mop my floors and the house will be tidy again.

      Susan offered to wash the windows before she left, but as I told her, I knew she was bringing kids and didn’t bother to wash them before she arrived! They were excellent house guests.

  4. It’s free in Canada, except the eye exams we have to pay for that… but doctor’s appointments and stuff is free. I guess the doctor’s just send a bill to the government or something because we don’t have any paperwork or anything to do.

  5. .
    Mrs. Jim has been on my insurance forever (it seems). Here in Texas for us at the state colleges the state pays half of her premium. She is keeping it as a Medicare supplement as well. The premiums did not go down for that.
    Has Amoeba checked his out for you? Washington state has fairly liberal insurance rules.
    BTW, every year we get a little notice that our insurance benefits are at the mercy of the Texas Legislature. Even for us retired people (or more so).

    1. Jim — Amoeba is an independent researcher. He works at the college, not for the college. Once a year he does teach a course, but as an adjunct rather than a full-fledged staff member.

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