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  1. Nice, Susan and the children look so happy in the Photo. Beau is also looking Happy. Glad you are having a Wonderful Time visiting.

  2. I’m even slower than Mocha with Linda. I see that Beau and Susan are happy. But Susan is NOT waving. She is holding both her daughter and a camera.

    Quilly, the caption of this photo is just plain wrong.

    1. Karen — she hadn’t passed us by yet when I took this photo. I didn’t snap a photo of them driving off into the sunset.

    1. Thomas,

      You know perfectly well that Susan has two autistic children

      Aren’t you all on vacation together in Quilly’s home?

      (And I won’t care if you answer this comment so try not to waste your time)

      1. Karen — surely you don’t think that having autistic children means Susan can’t have a boyfriend?

        And I am very tired of asking you to be polite. I very much enjoy your sense of humor but I don’t like it when you are nasty and insulting. Be polite to my guests or I will start removing or editing your comments, and I really don’t want to do that.

        1. I apologize for ruining this post. I meant to say Susan is married with two children.

          1. Karen — Susan is married with children. It is quite logical to think that should preclude her from having a beau, but men still swoon when she walks by.

            I don’t know that you ruined this post, though you do tend to make other people very angry at you when you make such comments and then I get letters from folks wanting to know why I don’t just feed you to Akismet.

            I am a school teacher. I want everybody to play nice. Besides, when you play nice, I like you.

  3. I just love those big sunshine-y smiles. On all of them! Great photo, Quilly! I’m so glad Susan and the kids had this great interlude of fun and SUN!

    1. Kelley — I complained that the photo was blurry. All Susan could see was the joy I captured. I posted this at her request.

      1. Very joyful photo, indeed. You really can feel the warm atmosphere. It doesn’t look like cold weather at all. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

        1. Rosidah — it was a lovely, sunny day. We were all smiling and laughing — even Thom when he wasn’t shivering.

  4. Now, it seems like one comment is missing. Who hasn’t commented on this yet? Hmmm.

    Maybe I was a little early with the angel thing.

    1. Doug — we did try to warn you ….

      Today Thom is on his way to the airport while Susan and her entourage are headed for the Sci-Fi Museum in Seattle. They are without internet until further notice.

    1. Melli — he just drove her up the hill. Of course she is happy! Thom and I didn’t having crying babies, so we had to walk up the darn thing.

  5. .
    Quilly, this is a wonderfull picture of two happy people. It looks as if beau would be more comfortable holding the reigns to a team of horse rather than the stearing wheel of the golf cart.

    I almost need a family tree of your blogging family. Beau is Ella’s daddy, right?
    And Susan wins all of your contests and does a weekly Mondy Microfiction in which you participae, right?

    They do all look so happy. Melli above helped a little here. I know for sure she is Ella’s guardian.
    Thanks for the answer to my last question; so if Mrs. jim and i can swing it and if your club isn’t too private we should bring our golf clubs. I know you need some more visitors. I do have aunts and an uncle in Oregon–Portland and near Astoria on the coast.

    1. Jim — Susan’s beau (as in boyfriend) is a local Forest Ranger. He has never even heard of Ella.

      Susan does not win ALL of my contests but she does host Microfiction Monday.

      Melli is Ella’s guardian.

      The San Juan Golf course is public. I don’t know about the club house.

      And, according to Google docs we are 5.5 hours from Portland, Oregon. You probably aren’t going to pop over here for a quick round of golf while visiting the relatives there.

      1. The clubhouse question is answered easily. There isn’t one. There’s a snack bar, and a pro shop that would fit in a phone booth with plenty of room left over for Superman. All that’s really required for a nine-holer (not space enough for more) that caters mostly to locals, not resort types.

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