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Luxury Apartments

Have you ever looked for a place to live in the classified ads? I have and I’ve seen some real dumps. Amoeba and I once looked at a “spacious, 5 bedroom condo with a spectacular view of Diamond Head”.  The place did have 5 bedrooms, but we were asked not to use one because it was above the bedroom of the day sleeper who lived in the basement unit.  Oh, and the “condo” was a chopped up house.  Proof of the old adage, “If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.” Before you start apartment shopping, you might want to check out the Apartment Market Overview.

Then, if you’re looking for Luxury Apartment Rentals, you’ll want to check out Bling Apartments [dot] com. The Bling Apartments website is easy to navigate, provides a good selection of listings, offers an abundance of current photographs, and even supplies floor plans so you can do much of your shopping online and formulate your questions before you arrive to consider the actual property. In addition, you will find the rent/leases prices clearly displayed by unit and by floor plan.