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Sometimes She Worries

He emailed:

Subject: Shoes

I have a pair at home just like the ones I’ve got on.

If you could bring the odd BOG shoe with you at 12:30 …?


She emailed:

Subject: Shoes

LOL! I don’t think the ones here are JUST like the ones you have on. The pair here probably fit opposite feet.

I love you.


He emailed:

Subject: Shoes

[sigh] :*


  1. Doesn’t he realize your email was a FITTING response?!

    He should be glad you’re such a straight-shoeter. 🙂

    At least his are the same. I’ve 2 pairs of the same shoe style and worn one blue and one black!

    1. Karen – -hmmm, I have to question why you are blowing me kisses. You really aren’t my type. And if you’re blowing kisses at Amoeba, you are in even bigger trouble.

  2. You two are certainly a pair…

    A friend of mine from Bible study didn’t realize she had two different brown shoes on until she got to the church where we meet. We would never have noticed it either but for her cracking up.

    1. Kelley — We think that being a pair is peachy. 😉

      Amoeba said that when he got to work he looked down at his shoes to make certain he had his rubber Boggs on, and discovered that he did … and he didn’t! LOL!

  3. I discovered I had two different shoes on once about ten minutes before a funeral. My friend for whom the funeral was would have had such a laugh at that. I would say maybe she did from heaven — but I imagine she had a lot greater things to think about than shoes there. 😀

  4. My mother has gotten to work on more than one occasion only to discover she was wearing one navy and one black of the same style of shoe. I’ve never had that problem.

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