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Keeping Things Fresh!

Pretty soon I am going to be harvesting things from my garden.  Amoeba got to looking at all the cabbage and broccoli plants, and the tomato plants, the pepper plants, and all the herbs, too, and he wanted to know what I was going to do with so much. That’s when I started looking at commercial vacuum sealers. I had one of those cheapy home machines a few years back. It didn’t work very well and it didn’t work very long. This time I am going for a quality product.

The machine pictured here is the ARY VacMaster PRO 90 Vacuum Sealer PRO90.  It retails for $139.99, which isn’t all that much more then I paid for the “but wait there’s more!” infomercial machine I had.  Since this one was designed for commercial use, I am certain it will hold up to my little garden.

Vacuum sealers are a great way to save and freeze leftovers, too.  I bought my last machine when I was in college.  My great idea was to cook big meals on the weekends, then package and freeze them for my lunches and dinner throughout the week.  It worked great for the short time the machine functioned.  It would work great now to keep Amoeba’s lunches fresh.

When I go shopping I like to buy the family-sized packages of meat because they’re cheaper.  With only the two of us I freeze a lot.  To protect the meat from freezer burn I currently triple wrap it.  That puts a lot of unnecessary bulk in my freezer. With the freezer wrap I could actually see what it was I had packaged, it would take up less room, and ultimately it would save me money because I wouldn’t be using all that paper and plastic to wrap stuff in!  Not only that, the food stays fresh and nutritious a whole lot longer when wrapped in vacuum sealed packaging.


  1. Good luck with your harvests! I grew up on a small farm and my mother had a huuuuge freezer in her basement, and she spent much of the summer canning vegetables. (Why isn’t it called ‘jarring’?) She would have loved this thing.

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