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Family Exodus

My sister is safely in her own home after a very slow and eventful cross-state drive yesterday.  It seems that between the accidents and the road construction, she drove the 600 some miles between Friday Harbor and Spokane at about 15 miles per hour.  Doesn’t that sound like fun with a couple of kids in the car?  Not!

I have pictures to sort out and share.  Be patient with me.  I’ll have some family snaps and Amoeba’s seaplane ride posted for you soon. I hope.  I mean, I meant to have one of them up yesterday afternoon shortly after my sister drove away, but I had a nap attack and slept for 4.5 hours!  And today I simply have to do some excavating in the dining room and find out of there is still flooring under all the pop and chips …. but the family BBQ with the cousins was wonderful fun.


  1. We must all be needing some sleep right now. Art and I slept over 9 hours last night. Sheesh! I’m glad you had such a great time with family. That is a terrible drive for your sister though. 600 miles! Wow!

  2. Hi, popped over here from Beth’s blog. She linked to a whole list of commenters today. Are you the same Quilly that used to visit Dr. John’s blog?

    1. Kelley — Amoeba says she only did the snail pace thing for a couple hundred miles. I say that was still too long!

  3. Napping after a family visit sounds like an excellent idea!

    Your poor sister — but I’m very glad she wasn’t the cause of a back up, just stuck in one. It could always be worse.

  4. That’s such a long drive anyway — and to have to drive as much as she did so slowly must have been trying, to say the least!

    Glad you had such a good visit — and a good nap to recuperate.

  5. LOL! I remember the days of having to search for the floor! In some ways I miss those days… but I was usually digging through TOYS to find the floor … we kept chips and soda to the table area….

    1. Melli — the “missing” floor is in the dining room and kitchen, which is all tile. And I have to tell you, I swept up enough chips to fill a snack bag! I resisted the urge though and swept them all into the vacuum portal.

  6. Quilly, which half wa the snail’s pace–the north/south or the west/east? Fortunately we are heading for the vicinity of the airport the day ahead, but we do have alternate routes available if I-90 is going to be that bad.

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