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A Little Deviled Ham

This is Parker, my great-nephew.  He is not only a great-nephew because he is my nephew’s son, he’s a great nephew because he is a great kid.  This one is all boy and all ham.  He loved posing for the camera and having his picture taken.

At one point Parker and I were playing, and I reached out to tickle him.  He has the most incredible laugh and you just can’t hear it without laughing with him.  It is the sound of pure joy.

Well, I was tickling Parker so I could hear his great laugh and he said, “Stop.  You’re not supposed to tickle me!”  Well, because he asked I stopped tickling, but I had to know, “Why am I not supposed to tickle you?”  He told me that when I tickled him it made him laugh.  I explained that I knew that and I wanted him to laugh.  He said, “No.  Just, no. Okay?”

I was very sad and I gave him my “I am very sad” look.  I said, “But Parker, if I am not supposed to tickle you, why do you keep your tickles right out here where just anybody can reach them?”

Parker gave me that exasperated look that only 6 year-olds have perfected and explained, “I have to keep my tickles right here because I am too short to hide them!”


  1. .
    I like that nephew! Can we borrow him some time?
    I also like your Officer Justice. I believe there are still ones like him out there. Do you?
    Quilly, you can join my choir! I am organizing for Heaven. It will be all those people, including me, who have been ASKED NOT to sing in a church choird. You weren’t formally requested not to sing but for a friend I will sign you up. 🙂
    Tomorrow I am coming home from London. Mrs. Jim will stay until August 4. So I will be getting out my old bachelor cookbook (I wrote it myself) and dusting it off. My favorites I can’t wait! Split pea soup with sauteed hot dogs and onions will be the first item I ‘cook.’

    1. Jim — I don’t loan out children who don’t belong to me and I am thinking that his parents would have to get to know you a lot better before they agreed to loan you their kid.

      I do think there are still more good people in the world then bad, and I think that includes cops — even cops who wear mirrored shades and look scary!

      Thanks, Jim. I know that my heavenly voice will be everything my earthly one isn’t.

      Enjoy your bachelor days! Stock up on Gaviscon!

  2. Those 6 year old laughs are just the best — if you could bottle them and save them for a rainy day you’d make a fortune!

    He’s so blessed to have you, too!

    1. Kelley — I think Fischer-Price did that. They made the product bright orange and fuzzy and called it, Tickle Me Elmo.

  3. He is the cutest little boy, and I can see the sparkle (mischief) in his eyes. 🙂
    Glad you got to bond with him.

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