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Let the Adventure Begin!

Are we there yet?

Well, it is time to shut the computer down and stow it in my carry-on case. We are headed for our local airport where we will fly to Seattle in a prop plane for the first leg of our Hawaiian Adventure. Ella is so excited I can barely contain her. About an hour ago she informed me she was going out to wait in the car. She’s been back every 30 seconds or so since then to ask what time it is and are we going yet. She’s just about got me worn out already!


    1. Linda — so far I’m having a grand time. Amoeba and I flew first class and ever since I have been listening to Ella whine about being stuck in baggage.

  1. Ella will DO that to a person! I don’t know if all elephants are like that – but Ella is one SPUNKY little elephant! Y’all have a GREAT time!

    1. Melli — Ella is a bit miffed. Not only did she fly in baggage while we sipped Mai Tais in 1st class, it is overcast and kind of gray here.

  2. Remind Ella that she needs to be in her carseat and belted in at all times. i suspect she’ll be waving that trunk and flirting with everybody !

  3. .
    “Oh I feel so sorry for you,” (she said). “Whatever will you do there? How horrid.”
    I think Ella knows! Bon Voyage! I feel that Big Isle is my old stomping groung, especially Mauna Kea State Recreation Area. I loved it back when I could do a five mile run there and up and down the roads beside (below) it.
    Can I go with you? My bags are still packed, I just got back from London and the Baltic Sea? Please” 🙂
    Oh well, have fun. I know you will. Last time I meant to remind you to take the battery charger but that is too late now. You’re outa here!

    1. Jim — too late. Gee. I feel so horrid that you didn’t ask in time for me to shove you in the suitcase with Ella.

    1. Is THOM meeting them there??? Nooooooo… no no no…. Quilly did NOT say Thom was involved on this one… She said there had BEEN detox … not there was going to BE detox… *shakes head and wanders mindlessly away*

    1. Kay — I did that to Amoeba — told him out flight left at 6:30 a.m. so we woke and got the the airport about 4:45 a.m. — only when we tried to check in did I remember finally deciding to purchase to the 9:30 a.m. flight …..

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