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A Muffed Target #7

Thom has taken over Gattina’s meme invention, Muffed Target Photo Meme.  The idea is to share our photos that didn’t turn out. Come on, you know we all have them!  You share yours and I’ll share mine!

Amoeba’s face was swallowed by a shadow that didn’t seem quite so menacing in person.

This photo was taken during a One More Time Band concert at the Port of Friday Harbor.


      1. Thom, the singer’s husband had the camera and two very active children, one of which frequently used his leg as a jungle gym — while he was perched atop a rock wall as close to the stage as he could get without standing in the middle of the sidewalk, which actually is BETWEEN the bandstand and the audience. Of course, since the entire park is maybe ten feet wide, they’d be pretty hard-pressed top put the sidewalk anywhere else …..

        Oh, as for the ear plugs, Jill, the singer, is doing a great job of distracting you from hearing (not hearing) the missing instruments in the band.

  1. Thanks for playing Q. Much appreciated. The shadow does make easy going Charley look a tad bit menacing . LOL Good one 🙂

    1. Kelley — not all of my muffed shots look good, trust me. And an Amoeba capable of playing brass horns and bongo drums is a bit mysterious, I think.

  2. sometimes shadows can make the shot, and sometimes…
    still, this one definitely doesn’t fall under the ‘instant delete’ category

    enjoyed the clip, too 🙂

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