Brain Fry

Hi!  I am home from the fair, but I am not faring well.  I am exceedingly tired!  I took Sunday as a day of rest.  I attended church.  I watched some TV (gasp) and I expended as little brain power as possible.

At one point I did open Google Reader, but I have over 100 posts waiting for my attention and that is just too much.  I marked everything read.  If you have something you really wanted me to see, please drop me a note and tell me what it is.  It isn’t that I don’t want to look, but I just can’t catch up!

13 thoughts on “Brain Fry

  1. You rest up. Your hard work deserves the break.

    Sometimes Google reader is sooooo intimidating. All you can do is press the button.

  2. I totally understand! That is the ONE thing that I dread, when I take some days off of blogging. All the posts I missed. But i don´t go back either, it´s just too stressful.
    I hope you rest up and feel fit soon!

  3. THAT is how I feel almost every monday! It’s crazy. Just see my most recent post … I don’t really plan to post anything today – but Luz and I DID have an awesome time away – and you would LOVE it!

  4. I did the same thing with bloglines feed which said almmost 200 posts. I just stopped by the few I like the most and then deleted the rest. I’ll catch up next time they post.

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