Old Friend, New Blogger

And when I say old friend, I mean really old!  Gary and I met in college.  He is the reason I took six semesters of Spanish and still can’t speak a word of it!  He is likely also one of the factors that kept me in college when it would have been so much easier to quit.

Gary was dedicated to his family.  They always came first no matter what.  His friends were second.  I don’t believe I ever asked him for help I didn’t receive.  I do remember getting scolded several times for not asking for help when he thought I should have.

Gary was my best cheerleader and my most ruthless critic.  Because he would tell me what-was-what when he thought I was  wrong, I was more inclined to believe him when he thought I was right.  (That’s how I ended up taking 6 semesters of Spanish and getting the only two Cs I have ever earned in my life! )

At any rate, Gary has decided to join the league of bloggers.  As is usual with him, once he made up his mind he jumped in with both feet — and two blogs.  Each blog showcases Gary’s unique personality and wonderful sense of humor.  They also reveal a very sharp mind.  I don’t know how he’s pulling that off, but he does seem to be getting away with it.

His blogs are, Smart Sports Talk, and Visionary Political and Economic Thinking.  Despite the fact that neither one of these topics are my favorites, I am actually enjoying Gary’s blogs.  Humor makes all the difference in the world.  Gary’s humor cuts like a scalpel right through all the rhetoric to the bottom line.  When I finish reading one of his posts I am laughing and shaking my head.  Go check them out, you’ll see what I mean.

Brain Fry

Hi!  I am home from the fair, but I am not faring well.  I am exceedingly tired!  I took Sunday as a day of rest.  I attended church.  I watched some TV (gasp) and I expended as little brain power as possible.

At one point I did open Google Reader, but I have over 100 posts waiting for my attention and that is just too much.  I marked everything read.  If you have something you really wanted me to see, please drop me a note and tell me what it is.  It isn’t that I don’t want to look, but I just can’t catch up!

And Maybe Some Fishing ….?

We’re going back to Hawaii at the end of this month. for three years I lived there and never got a chance to try my hand at deep sea fishing. I was just looking at this Awesome Maui Charter Fishing Gallery and wishing I had a picture of that of me next to some hurking big fish!

Amoeba said that maybe this time we could visit Maui, too. We’ve both always wanted to go there but his business always takes him to Oahu or Hawaii (aka “The Big Island”). We thought Maui might be an option since he only had to visit This Big Island this time. We could sneak in a couple of extra days for vacation and I could enjoy a Maui Fishing by Extreme adventure. And then Oahu called.

If we end up visiting Oahu it won’t be a hardship. I have a lot of friends there I love. I was just hoping I’d get to see Maui and fall in love with it, too!

Still on My Bucket List

I probably fished before I walked. My dad was an avid fisherman and I grew up following him from lake to river to stream. I never got to follow him deep sea fishing, but it has always been one of my dreams. Amoeba and I discussed going a few times when we lived in Oahu, but free time was pretty hard to come by.

Hawaii Fishing looks very different from the type of fishing I grew up doing. The poles are bigger. The tackle is different. And the fish don’t look like anything I am used to, either. I would definitely need a guide.

I was checking out the video above and reading a bit about Maui Fishing. It looks like fun doesn’t it? I would so much love to catch my own Mahi Mahi or Ahi for dinner. I think it would taste that much better if I hooked it myself.

Why She Doesn’t Watch Football

He had his earphones on and was totally engrossed in the game. She walked in and put her hand on his shoulder. He moved the earphones off one ear and looked at her. “Yes?”

She asked, “Do you have an ETA on coming to dinner?”

He said, “There’s about five minutes left on the game clock.”

She smiled brightly and said, “Oh! Okay then. Perfect.” She turned to leave the room.

He called her back. “No, hon, that means dinner should be in about an hour.”