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Rate My Life – Intelligence Test

Get Your IQ Score – Get Your IQ Score – How much is your cadaver worth?

    67/100Rate My Life – How is your life going?

Right now I am rating me sleepy. I spent the day with a low grade fever and a bit of nausea. I wasn’t really sick, but I wasn’t really well, either. I have just had a hot bath (jacuzzi tub), and am headed for bed. If I’m up to it, I’ll come out and play tomorrow.


  1. These buttons are hilarious — your life is priceless because you are the daughter of the King…rest in Him and we’ll be here when you feel up to playing again!

  2. My mother has some weird cold-like thingy that sounds very similar to your symptoms. Take a break, and put your feet up. From your recent posts, it sounds like you’ve been in over-drive. Hope you feel better. We’re practically tied in the “rate my life thing.” I came out with a 69.7%. πŸ™‚

  3. Of course I skipped the intelligence tests because I am always dumb in such tests, I wonder why (lol) but my cadaver is 4.495 $ worth (want to sell it on ebay?) and the rate of my life is 72.6/100 and is going great ! Almost the same result as you !

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