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Lost: Mailbox Key & Attention Span

If found please call ….

I swear, I have been more forgetful than usual these past few weeks. I think it is because I try to do too many things at once. The other day I picked Amoeba up from work and we were running home to drop me off before Amoeba headed to music practice. We decided to pause at the mailbox, and that’s where I lost my attention span.

If you recall I told you we have a locking mailbox. This means I have to unlock the mailbox to open it. That requires keys. Believe it or not, I had my keys. That wasn’t the issue (yet).

I hopped out of the car, unlocked the box and bonanza! Packages galore! I received my stencil, a couple of books to review and my new shoes. I was excited to open everything — especially my stencil. I got in the car and started opening boxes while Amoeba drove.

Amoeba went off to practice and I was happily parading around in my new shoes and checking out my newest novels when the door bell rang. I answered it and found the teenage neighbor girl standing on the porch. She said, “Your car is a Chevy, right?” I said it was. Then she said, “Up at the mailboxes, is yours #7?” I said it was. And she handed me my keys. I’d left them in the lock.

My mailbox keys, my house keys, my car keys, and obviously my attention span, all left on the corner because I got a few packages. Now I’m wondering, do lockable mailboxes have to be locked?


  1. hee hee hee

    My kids and I do this with our front door from time to time. Mr. Logo is steadfastly unimpressed.

  2. Nessa — actually, the experts say multi-tasking is bad, to. They say that when one does every thing at once, nothing gets done to the best of one’s ability.

  3. How lucky you’ve got such a lovely neighbor! Good grief, but I can’t say anything because I a few nights ago we all fell asleep with both doors unlocked (the keys visibly in the front door) and half the electrics running for no reason — I just forgot the whole end-of-day routine and went to bed.

    Sheesh, prayers for the both of us and our short-term memories!

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