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The Recalcitrant Amoeba

He entered the kitchen.

She said: “What can I do for you?”

He said: “Nothing.  I just want a couple of paper towels.”

She said [loudly and emphatically]:  “No!

He froze in the act of reaching for the obviously full roll of paper towels and said: “Why not?”

She said: “No reason.  Just “no” because that’s what I felt like saying.”

He said: “Oh. Okay then.”  He tore two paper towels from the roll, kissed her on the cheek, and left the room.


  1. This could be a scene from MY house!!
    I KNEW I liked you
    Play, in lots of different forms, is fun!
    Earlier this week at the bowling alley Thing Two approached while I was talking with a new aquaintance and gave me a hug. I turned to him and said, “Hello, little boy. Do I know you? Do you need me to help you find your mommy?”
    He rolled his eyes at me and said, “Hey lady, can I have a buck for the pop machine?”
    hee hee
    My new friend seemed very amused when I explained the whole thing later.

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