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Punny Monday 2010.09.06

Welcome to Punny Monday. This is a fun little guessing game meant to spark your imagination and tickle your funny bone. Every Monday I post an original photo and ask my readers to figure out what was going on in my brain (or Amoeba’s) when he/I/we made it. Posting time varies so every time zone occasionally gets a fair shot at being first to see the game.

Here’s the photo you need to base your guess on:

Photo provided courtesy of Doug the Dawg, of Waking Ambrose.

What proper noun does this photo represent? EMAIL your answers and leave a comment designed to either help or confuse your fellow game players. The first contestant to EMAIL me the right answer wins a featured link in my blog which will display until next Monday when we’ll play this little game again. Enjoy.

PLEASE, do not write your guess in the comments. It spoils the game for the other players. Your guesses will be shared when the game ends. Oh, and just because someone announces they’ve won, doesn’t mean that they have. Please keep guessing until I post the answers!


Where the photo came from is extremely important.

Hint #2
You don’t have to see the whole animal,
what you do see covers the pun very well.



September 7th, 2010, 8:18 a.m. — Raven — Douglas Fir


Barking Up the Wrong Tree

September 6th, 2010, 11:34 p.m. — Rosidah — Dog Tag, Beethoven
September 7th, 2010, 12:02 a.m. — Carletta — Salt-n-Pepa
September 7th, 2010, 6:22 a.m. — Jim — Greybeard
September 7th, 2010, 8:22 a.m. — Barbara — Devil Dog


  1. I am with Thom…clueless! I am back from vacation and slowly (very slowly) getting back to my activities. Thinking is not on the list today 8) but I am trying my best.

  2. PFT! I don’t even have a GUESS for this one…. my first thought was hair of the dog that bit you! NOT a proper noun… Can’t wait to see what this turns out to be though! GOOD LUCK SOMEBODY!!!

    1. Doug — if you’d just sent me that picture of the hair on your arm, this would have been a lot easier. I am directing all grousing to you and the dogs — at least they’ll have something to chase besides their tails.

        1. Doug, you sent me the picture of a big fuzzy blur you claimed was your hairy arm. It would have been harder to identify then rabbit dog, who just might like those grouse you turned down!

  3. .
    Ambrose is the next best dog in the world. My Adi is THE BEST!!

    Now if Adi could only tell me (talk), she knows, I know she knows the answer.
    If you don’t believe me, then believe her. Check my link (on Jim name) today. 🙂

  4. I was all set for this on the wrong night and then forget all about it last night and this morning — and kept forgetting even after the e-mail. But at this point I have no clue, anyway. I can’t even tell what is in the picture except that it is some kind of animal. If anything pops into mind I’ll send it in, but nothing so far…

  5. I think I got it! Last night when I looked, I thought the dog’s name was Ambrose. Knowing he’s Doug makes all the difference. I love it when an idea comes to me out of nowhere – even if I’m wrong.

      1. Congrats, Raven. You got it.

        Melli — there is humor in this, even so, I suspect I am going to be in the doghouse when people see the answer.

    1. Doug — I followed Barbara’s line of reasoning easily enough. I’m certain she meant no insult to your furry friend. She just thought whomever held the devil’s dictionary might also have his dog.

  6. douglas fir? a plant? the name of a plant – proper name?? no way where i live, even if it’s named after some dude. i protest – this was totally misleading!

    (of course i would, i had no idea whatsoever) 😉

  7. Wow – Raven! Wow!

    I wasn’t even on the same planet! Even with a hint!

    Yes Polona, Douglas Fir is an evergreen . . . so you’re right, the dog’s coat is completely misleading!

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