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Family Calls

As the summer comes to an end, the pass between here and there will close, and none of us will venture across it lightly. Mind you, many people do and it is as safe as winter traveling ever can be. Even so, me and mine don’t venture over Snoqualmie Pass for purely social reasons after the snow falls.

For the next several days my presence here will be sparse. We will be enjoying some time with my family. I will show Amoeba the house I grew up in, the grade school I attended, and where the cliff used to be that I rode my bike off of when I was a kid. They’ve filled the gully in and it is a beautiful, flat perfectly safe park now. Isn’t that sad?

I am taking my camera. I will think of all of you often, but I can’t promise I will be online playing much. Our time on the other side of the Cascades is very brief and my family has probably packed it full of activities. I’ll see you when I can.


  1. You guys make sure you enjoy your time there and yes, bring back lots of photos πŸ™‚
    Sad about the Cliff πŸ™
    But at least you can show Amoeba other memories πŸ™‚

  2. Have a wonderful time, Quilly. I know how you feel about the gully being filled in. They completed flattened Waipahu where I grew up. You can’t even see the landmarks anymore where we used to run. Everything is flattened into a subdivision or business buildings. I know Amoeba will love seeing the places that shaped you.

  3. Enjoy your trip back to the past ! The summer ended officially yesterday and ever since it’s 80° and the sun is shining ! Maybe we will get the Australian weather in Europe ?

  4. We drove across the Pass twice one year between Christmas Eve and New Years. (Seattle to Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Yakima Valley, and back to Seattle.) It was a bit harrowing!

  5. “it is a beautiful, flat perfectly safe park now. IsnÒ€ℒt that sad?” I just had to laugh at that. They’re taking all the adventure out of life! No wonder we have kids that spend their whole life playing video games.

    Have a wonderful time, and I’ll see you on the flip side. πŸ™‚

  6. Snohomish Pass? I think you might have meant Snoqualmie Pass, unless you drive through Snohomish to get to Stevens Pass. Either way, the route over the Cascades can be treacherous. I shudder to think of the few times I chanced it (and thankfully made it safely) when it would have been much wiser to stay home. When there is love on the other side of the mountains, it is sometimes difficult to make the smarter choice.

    Enjoy your family fun and the beauty of September in the mountains. If you drive through Leavenworth, please take a picture (or 100!) for me. πŸ™‚

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