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Old Friend, New Blogger

And when I say old friend, I mean really old!  Gary and I met in college.  He is the reason I took six semesters of Spanish and still can’t speak a word of it!  He is likely also one of the factors that kept me in college when it would have been so much easier to quit.

Gary was dedicated to his family.  They always came first no matter what.  His friends were second.  I don’t believe I ever asked him for help I didn’t receive.  I do remember getting scolded several times for not asking for help when he thought I should have.

Gary was my best cheerleader and my most ruthless critic.  Because he would tell me what-was-what when he thought I was  wrong, I was more inclined to believe him when he thought I was right.  (That’s how I ended up taking 6 semesters of Spanish and getting the only two Cs I have ever earned in my life! )

At any rate, Gary has decided to join the league of bloggers.  As is usual with him, once he made up his mind he jumped in with both feet — and two blogs.  Each blog showcases Gary’s unique personality and wonderful sense of humor.  They also reveal a very sharp mind.  I don’t know how he’s pulling that off, but he does seem to be getting away with it.

His blogs are, Smart Sports Talk, and Visionary Political and Economic Thinking.  Despite the fact that neither one of these topics are my favorites, I am actually enjoying Gary’s blogs.  Humor makes all the difference in the world.  Gary’s humor cuts like a scalpel right through all the rhetoric to the bottom line.  When I finish reading one of his posts I am laughing and shaking my head.  Go check them out, you’ll see what I mean.


  1. I wasn’t that bad. You enjoyed taking all that Spanish, besides you have a BA instead of a BS because of it. Thanks for all the kind words, but, I notice your eyes are still brown. You’re friends are great and I hope they find the reading as enjoyable as you have found.
    Adios mi amiga, y recuerdas mi casa es su casa. Vaya con Dios.

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